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Interview With Producer Dae One


1) How long have you been producing and rapping?
I started off pretty young knowing that i loved music so its hard to
really pinpoint but i would say a good 4-5 years

2) Which one of the two caught your interest first?
Honestly singing caught me first but rapping was a better way to say
the things i felt at the time, Then i got into producing when i found
it hard to have people make the music i could hear in my head

3) Were there ever any other areas of the music industry that you were
interested in becoming a part of? Have you established yourself in
those areas? If so, how so? If not, why not?
No not really at first but then later on i did want to learn different
sides of the game so i did street team promotions (for other artist) I
got into production, Learned Mixing and so on. I just feel knowing
more about your craft can only make you a better artist

4) Where did you get or come up with the name, Dae One?
Well my mother named me Dameon as a child so i wanted a name that
still had something to do with me so i could still be my self, And
also wanted a name or something most people said everyday but i wanted
it to be special So after going over names and what not Dae One came
about so the DAE is from (Dameon) and the ONE stands for original, the
first  and its simply saying Dameon is One of a kind DAE ONE.

5) When was it that you came to realize that music production was what
you wanted to
I would go over to my cousins house and play around on the little
keyboard and i could play songs off the radio by ear when i noticed i
could do that i was like i can make music and that was the spark in my
head as a kid

6) Do you have any specific people in your life that you feel played
significant roles in this
happening? Yeah. well First off my mother she would always stand by me
and say how i should keep pushing on with the music, She bought me my
first Beat Machine i begged her for christmas and that year that was
the only gift i got but i didnt care it was a roland DR70 i will never
forget it. My Uncle Tony when i was 12 gave me singing lessons i was
trying to have a R&B group with local kids from my block but it didnt
work out . And also my uncle James Lemmons  taught me to do what i
felt in music no matter what others thought

7) While still in your infancy of music production, who were the
professionals that
you admired and looked to for inspiration, knowledge, and the like? Who was
that person, or those people, that you thought about becoming like one day?

Producers that i look to were the likes of Prince, Dj Quik, Quincy
Jones, Teddy Riley, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Dj Battle Cat, Stevie
Wonder, Sir Jinx would always give me advice and show me what it was
like in studio sessions he would just have me with him and that did
alot for me.  Pete Rock, Rick Rubin, Dj Premier , Dr Dre And JDILLA
r.i.p. are my two favorite Hip Hop producers

8) What are some of your most memorable works from your earlier days? What makes
them so significant and memorable? Who were the artists? Where were
you recording?

I would say my crew LS witch stood for Lost Soulz we were all young
doing music i was producing rapping and mixing we all where from
Hawthorne Ca. and it was artist like Taje, Tommy Green, Noni Spitz,
Me, Alstyles, and a few others all rapping together kinda like a
Westcoast Wu-Tang Clan,It was just a great time in witch i feel like
it was me in school learning the gam im thankful that i lived that and
it reflects today . Or with my Group EGZILE with was a group that was
a Trio with Me, Taje & Noni Spitz, We had a studio in North Hollywood
and then one in Cypress Ca.

9) Compare those times, places, pieces, and people to those of your
most memorable and
proud works of today?

I Still deal with some folks from my past but now its on a different
level because im no longer just a local producer other people in other
places know of me. But its all still work and i enjoy it just the same

10) What was it that made your “Big Break”? What was the occurrence or
in your life that you believe established that turning point for you
that eventually
steered you in the direction of working with names like Ice Cube and
David Banner?

I think alot of it is because i keep good relationships so it keeps me
in a good place to i can have a great network. It was due to the years
of grinding and believing in my dream. But me Quitting my job was a
Really big turning point for me. Im not telling others to quit there
jobs but for me that made me understand this was no longer a hobby at
that point

11) Who is Noni Spitz to you and for you? What significance does he
represent in terms of
you and your music career?

Noni Spitz has been there from the beginning for me in my career hes
my brother from another mother. He keeps my mind open to different
ideas and methods of music

12) Explain how you came to eventually form your rap group, No One,
with Noni Spitz?
When was it officially established?

Well me and Noni Spits were in the studio working on new music and
started on this song called "ALL THAT" back in 08 and after doing it i
came up with the idea for the group and he was with the idea now its 2
years later and i just now feel the album is ready so it was official
back in March of 08

13) Talk about your first official video with No One, “Unfaithful”.
What was the foundation
of the song being that it is, in your words, “not your ordinary love
song”? Describe any
significance behind the production of this song and video.

While trying to come up with a concept for the beat it sounded very
sad to me but i didnt wanna do a song about death so i thought to my
self what else dies? And it hit me relationships die so i wanted us to
flip the Boyfriend Girlfriend concept in a different way and make us
the losers/ bad guys in the situation because no one can always win.
So i wrote the hook and we came up with to story lines and wrote the
record out, With it being on the mixtape people would always tell us
how they felt that song so we shot a video to it directed by Tiana
Mandrigues and she really helped bring the song to life even more.

14) Where do you believe the flexibility in the type of music you
produce comes from?
For example, take two songs produced by you, Love Crime and Real Nigga Society
– What is it that accounts for your ability to excel in the production
of both of
these styles of music being that they are not very similar to one
another, at all?

I think a real producer can create the right picture for the artist
and i also enjoy keeping my fans on edge not knowing what they are
gonna hear when they see my name on production plus i like and i am
influence by all kinds of music. I really just try to keep my sound
fresh and new so i deal with different artist that may not always
sound the same but still giving them what they need deep down i feel
thats my job yet at the same time some how some way they still have my
style in there

15) Talk about your upcoming instrumental album, Revenge Of The Synth.
What about it do you
think makes those who have heard it believe that it is your best work
yet? Unlike
your spectators and audience, your perception of your music is
initially directed
from the inside out. From this angle – this point of view – what do
you think it is that
accounts for the growth and progression that is obviously reflected in
this album?

Its because alot of my fans have not seen me in the light of doing
fully what i felt like doing, Sometimes dealing with artist you have
to compromise and come with a sound that you both can work with, But
on a instrumental album i can pretty much just do what i feel. And
people will also hear styles from me on this album that some artist
wouldn't take. The concept behind the whole album was to use heavy
synths in each track and i just stayed in that zone the whole time of
the album. My fans should really enjoy it

NO ONE  (Noni Spitz & Dae One) - Album "THE SUBSTANCE" October 5th 2010

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Dae One The Producer

No One "Unfaithful" Official Video

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